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Sunday, December 16, 2012

November 5, 1984 A Day in My Personal History!

Note:  This originally appeared January 29, 2012.  Almost a year has gone by since the post and I suddenly realized as I was looking back on my Blogs, I did not wish Sam a Happy 28 years meeting you Anniversary, Sam.  Enjoy each day with your loved ones, family, friends, significant others, and pets.  Time truly does go by in an eye blink, so do not wait!

Dates, we are all aware of their significance; birthdays, anniversaires, births, deaths and too many to list having some part of our existence and who we were, are now and hope to become at some point in time. We balk at those close to us who may forget a birthday, anniversary or some other memorable occasion (important to us of course), but what do these dates signify other than appearing on a calendar or datebook. Most of our lives are dictated by work, responsibilities at home (married, single or otherwise engaged) and don't forget, our deepening immersion into the mobile arena, dates have become a reminder on a favorite social media site, an entry into one of the many electronic devices we covet and shudder the thought, to some, a hand written entry on a calendar or datebook. Where am I going with all this focus on dates, and how we record them, another of my boring, "who cares", topics, however for me when I looked at the date November 5, 2011 it looked familiar, but why and for what life changing event.
Wedding: The Astral Plane June 9, 1991

It was suddenly a "doh" moment for lack of a better comparison, the date I first met Sam Bushman who became my friend, lover and then, husband! Sam was Philadelphia's most eligible Batchelor whose favorite hour was the "Cocktail Hour", a man after my own heart. I knew this was the real deal.  He called me the oldest "teenager in America".  He always let me kick up my heels and do mean that literally.

People come into our lives for all kinds of reasons so it best to enjoy, and make the most of it while there is time.

Oh, the restaurant where we were married, The Astral Plane I helped open in 1973.  Sam later did publicity for a variety of events at the "Plane" as we would refer.

Happy 27 years meeting you, Anniversary, Sam!

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respann said...

This is Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and being open!