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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Feed Me Feed Me!

This does not have anything remotely or otherwise to do with food!  The "now generation" when asked "what is a feed", will almost always give the social media definition. Now that we are over the formalities, I call your attention to the right of this post. See, over there where there is a column of  Press Releases headed by "Industry News From PR Newswire".  This also can, could or should be filed under, "yes there is a free lunch", despite all you have heard from similarly reliable sources, "there is no free lunch."

A few weeks back, about eight weeks ago, to be more precise, but probably closer to 10, I was putting  Sam Bushman's archives online, and wanted a live feed of Press Releases to go along with his 70 years of collections, being turned into content, for his blog.  Sam insisted, when I would drag out this photo or that press release for more information, housed in army green issue file cabinets, overflowing with treasures from eras long gone, would comment, "no reason saving, because who would be interested"!  Sam the Stubborn! I  had no intention of disposing of any scrap of paper, photo, press release, theatre program, Playbill,  menus or ad copy done for clients.  However, as most people knew, Sam loved to spin stories about some event or person and with his total recall, I was able to use this angle to get information.  He was one of the few, and more likely, the only one left to give a picture of the Entertainment Scene going back to 1935.  Sam lovingly created and crafted all his Press Releases on his beloved "Royal".

Fast forward 2011, I found PR Newswire, not only one of the largest content licensing and distribution  services, globally, but in the "Biz" since 1956 and a time when Press Releases were sent over the wire(s); not to be confused with wireless technology, as we know today. The Internet and Social Media have had a significant impact on the way news is distributed, and we have entered into a new era, not only of news reporting, but just how news is distributed.  Technology is moving forward at a rapid pace and although created chaos, early adopters of the Internet in the news reporting arena have been able to make a successful transition into the digital world. So, where am I going with all this, some may think, nonsense talk about "The Royal" and how we arrived, and took center stage with all things "Twitter and Facebook", giants among Social Media Platforms.  I have been a fan of how things work for a very long time and am fascinated about technology, and in the grand scheme of where we are going, we really do need to know how we got here and where we "might" be headed.  So indulge me, even if you do not have a bit of interest, pretend for 15 seconds and I might grant you, fame.

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